FLC Orchestra

There is nothing like an orchestra to enhance your worship experience. If you would like to join the FLC orchestra, we welcome you! A schedule for the year will be available at the first rehearsal. Please call Mary Weisser at 701-232-8584 or e-mail her at mbweisser@hotmail.com if you would like to join this orchestra or have any questions about participating in the First Lutheran Chamber Orchestra.

Rehearsal Schedule (all at 10:00 a.m.) 2015/2016:

September 19 - Sanctuary
October 17 - Celebration Hall
November 21 - Sanctuary
December 19 - Sanctuary
January 16 - Celebration Hall
February 13 - Sanctuary
April 9 - Celebration Hall
May 14 - Sanctuary - Appreciation Brunch to follow 

Playing Schedule:

September 20, Sanctuary
October 18, Celebration Hall
November 22, Sanctuary
December 20, Sanctuary
January 17, Celebration Hall
February 14, Sanctuary
April 10, Celebration Hall
May 15, Sanctuary