Devils Tower Trip

Devil’s Tower 2019
Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things!
July 31- Aug 3, 2019
Open to High School & Above
Required Information Meeting: Wed. June 5, 7 p.m.
Monday Night Training Sessions: 6-9 p.m., Schlossman YMCA June 10, 17, 24, July 8, 15, and 22
(These are the training/teaching nights--you will need to climb on your own many more times during open
Cost: $300, includes training/teaching, camping fees, transportation, park entry fees, camping, transportation, food, t-shirt.
If you’re not a YMCA member, there is a $10 entry fee each practice.
You will have to cover 6 travel meals yourself
Equipment You Must Bring: climbing harness, helmet, belay tool (ATC), 4 locking carabineers, 6 runners (3 long, 3 medium), prusik cord. Shoes and chalk bag optional but strongly recommended.
The opportunity and adventure of a lifetime awaits your decision. You will climb and stand on top of this awe-inspiring monolith that rises over 800’ above the prairie in eastern Wyoming. Devils Tower will challenge you beyond your wildest imagination. The feeling of accomplishment and achievement will last a lifetime. Along the journey of practice and preparation, you will discover a multitude of truths and hidden treasures about yourself, your rope-mates and this journey called life. Most of all, Devil’s Tower will cause you to deepen your faith in Christ, to strengthen your trust in Him, and encourage a renewed daily relationship with God.
Climbing Devil’s Tower is well within the reach of ordinary people. It’s a chance for ordinary people to do something extraordinary! You just need to learn the basics of safe rock climbing (anyone can learn), lots of practice, some basic conditioning, and most important a strong desire, motivation, and positive attitude. We will teach and train you in all aspects of safe climbing; no previous experience necessary.
What will get you to the top of Devil’s Tower?
  • Good Technique & Skill
  • Teamwork/Trust
  • Mental Courage & Determination & Drive
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
Concepts & Topics
Although there is much to learn in terms of physical skills, techniques, knots, etc., our higher purpose is to grow emotionally and spiritually as men and women of faith. Each training session will involve a bible study, discussion, and prayer time. You will be journaling throughout your training and climbing experience. Rock climbing offers multiple parallels to many aspects of life and our Christian faith journey. The following are just some of the areas we will explore together:
  • Trust/Faith/Belief - in relation to others, ourselves and God.
  • Overcoming Obstacles/Problems/Difficulties in life - Problem-solving
  • Fear/Anxiety - What are we actually afraid of? How do we deal with and work through fear, anxiety, and worry? What does it mean to be courageous in life?
  • Risk Taking - A look at the parable of talents! What are good risks?
  • Success & Failure - How do you define success on the rock? In life?
  • Responsibility - Ownership of one’s own actions, choices, directions.
  • Community - Strong connections to fellow Christians make life more fun, exciting, bearable, and allows us to strive for the impossible.
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