Healthy Feet

Upcoming date for clinic: Monday, April 18.

First Lutheran Church is happy to continue to provide the Healthy Feet Program, in partnership with AllHealth. We seek to serve those who are unable to provide their own foot care. Chet Leverson, a regular attendee of the Healthy Feet program admits he’s no “spring chicken” any more and he finds it difficult to reach his toes to effectively and properly trim his toenails. Chet says, “If you don’t take care of your toes, they won’t take care of you.” He feels remaining active is key to good health and states that if he has a toe that’s bothering him, it will impact his ability to get his walks in. “There is ministry happening at the same time. I visit with the gals and they wash my feet as Jesus washed the disciples’ feet. It becomes a ministry to the nurses who work with us.”

Persons with the following may benefit from this service: diabetics, circulation and swelling issues of the legs, stroke victims, neuropathy, the visually impaired, arthritis, or just difficulty reaching toes. Cost payable to AllHealth is $25. Contact Kalah Erickson, Parish Nurse to make an appointment at 701.729.2827.