Property Committee

The property committee gives oversight to the ongoing maintenance, both short term and long term, of the church property. Their task is to develop plans and make recommendations to the church council on property issues and help leadership in raising and assessing the potential funding for property and facility projects. This committee works very closely with the 20/20 Club (a fund-raising arm for the congregation) concerning larger projects that arise and the funding of those projects. 


Facility improvements to First Lutheran
Over the past 12 months there have been many upgrades and improvements to the facility that were funded by the First Lutheran Foundation, the 20/20 Group, memorials, and through the budgeted general building maintenance fund. Some of these projects are not readily noticed while others have had a great impact on the appearance of the church. The following is a listing of some of the major items that were completed on this past year’s list:

  • Installed LED lighting on the west Sanctuary stained glass window (FLC Foundation)
  • Replaced and installed new LED lighting on the Broadway side of facility that washes the front of the facility with light (FLC Foundation and memorials)
  • Installed LED lighting in south choir loft stairwell (20/20 Club)
  • Carpeted choir lofts (20/20 Club)
  • Installed new hand rails in choir lofts (20/20 Club)
  • Re-positioned all stage lighting in the Sanctuary
  • Painted stairwells in the east side of Sanctuary
  • Installed new carpeted stair treads in upper and lower east stairwells of the Sanctuary
  • Refinished floors in east Sanctuary hallways
  • Installed roof rails/heat tape above NE entrance door
  • Up-fitted outdoor entry lights to LED bulbs
  • Installed new curbing and perennial garden on the Broadway side of the church (Helping Hands and FLC Foundation)
  • Completed additional office space in Luther Room area (FLC Foundation)
  • Began the remodel project for the Prayer/Conference room on main floor (FLC Foundation)
  • Painted columns and archways in Celebration Hall
  • Replaced carpet on stage deck and stairs in Celebration Hall
  • Upgraded the Adult Education room

I want to thank all of the members of the property committee for their service and for their commitment to keeping this wonderful church home in the best condition possible. We also need to thank the FLC Foundation and the 20/20 Club for their assistance in funding a number of these projects. We truly appreciate their partnership and commitment.
Terry Yoney, Administrator



The mission of the property committee is to continually look towards the future needs of the congregation and to keep the facility in the best possible condition so as to preserve it for many generations to come. If you are interested in joining, please contact Terry Yoney at 701-235-7389 or

Committee meets as needed.