Lee Estate: A story of Faith


A constant prayer of my father’s was, “Lord, feel free to interfere mightily in all my affairs.” At the age of two my father, Peter, lost his mother to tuberculosis and almost died himself at that young age. His dying mother and heart-broken father poured out their hearts in prayer for their son’s life. The Lord used his aunts and uncles to nurture my father back to health and raised him with a strong faith knowing who “interfered.”  First Lutheran became home to my father at that early age.

Throughout Sunday school and confirmation he was steadfast in his faith which would ultimately embrace him during World War II. As a student interested in electrical engineering, when he entered the military in the 1940s, he was a soldier in Germany stringing communication lines. Later he would tell his eight children he “stuck lines wherever he could” to aid the Allied Forces.

Throughout the war, he would look in the faces of all involved and think “these people need Jesus.” God touched him miles away from home that would impact his entire life.  From that wartime experience and a proposal to marry the sweetheart of his life whom he met at First Lutheran, Audrey Leverson, came a partnership that only reinforced this plan to touch the lives of those who “needed Jesus” which would drive their life together. Together they realized this prayer that God would indeed “interfere mightily in all THEIR affairs.”

At this time, my parents began their savings account for God, which they called their “pokey.” It might not be in Webster’s Dictionary, but as children we knew it was God’s bank account. When they had to dip into savings, they said it was like stealing from God. Growing up they shared their intent to continue to help others who needed Jesus with this fund. After their deaths, their “pokey” was given to First Lutheran as a managed trust fund for Global Missions.

This is their story, their gift to others which has touched lives around the world –in Mexico, in Slovakia, in Ecuador, in China, and Africa to name a few locations… “Lord, feel free to interfere mightily in all my affairs.” May the Lord interfere in your life and your story, too.

Note:  The Lee Estate principal balance is greater that 1.4 million and continues to bless thousands.