Financial Peace University

Thursdays, Sept. 13-Nov. 8 at 6:30 p.m., CrossTalk Cafe, register at
Jesus wasn’t afraid to talk frankly about money and did so often. Perhaps that is because he knew our relationship with money is very important. That is why we are excited to once again offer Financial Peace University (FPU). It has the power to change your financial future. Here are some of the ways it has impacted people who have gone through the program:
“Taking Financial Peace University (FPU) changed the way I think about money. Before the class, I was living paycheck to paycheck and relying heavily on my credit card to get me safely through the month. FPU helped me pay down over $4,000 in debts in just a few months, and now I’ve been able to grow my savings account tremendously since finishing the course this spring. I’m very thankful for this class and would highly recommend it for anyone, especially those who are in their 20s and 30s and looking for a successful financial life.” -Matthew
“I set a lofty goal to pay off my loans 2-1/2 years after graduating college which I reached - a few months early. Two months after accomplishing that goal, I got engaged, and am now four months into wedded bliss. I feel deeply humbled to say my husband (who took the class a few years prior to me) and I are 100% debt free.” -Alexis
“We were encouraged to attend FPU by a couple we have been friends and business partners with. They have been instructors at their church and saw how powerful it was in helping individuals and families manage money in a Christian way. This course was very enlightening for my husband and me. We would encourage everyone to take it no matter what financial situation you are in. What resonated the most with us is thinking about our wants and needs. We have so many things in our life we don’t need which in turn weighs on our minds. We have referred to FPU as our ‘money diet.’ As many of you know, diets are not easy and take time to get used to, but when you stick to them you feel energized. FPU would be an outstanding gift to give as a graduation gift, wedding gift, or a gift to yourself. Definitely a life-changing way to be at peace.” -Bobbi Jo