Friends of Jesus

NEW Women’s Bible Study

“The Friends of Jesus” By Karen Kingsbury

Six-weeks long: Thursdays, April 12 - May 17; Noon (lunch available) or 6:30 p.m., $15

Friends of Jesus book cover.jpgIn this six-session study, popular author Karen Kingsbury explores six people in the life of Jesus and the depth of friendship that is found with each one.
After a life of loneliness, Simon the Leper discovered true friendship with Jesus and became a person full of gratitude. Martha is known for her busyness and work ethic, but she also learned to worship through her friendship with Jesus. Saturated in legalism, Jairus was a religious and synagogue leader who learned much more about his beliefs and what it means to value relationships over religion. Mary Magdalene came to personally know her Savior, Jesus. Her life then was marked by devotion as a friend and follower of Jesus. And, Peter, a man of both faith and failure, challenges the reader to step up after failure and become a person of obedience and commitment to Jesus. Finally, the Bible study closes with the life and friendship of John. This beloved disciple and friend of Jesus begins his journey with Jesus as one of the sons of thunder, but transforms into a man marked by humility and love.

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