Incredible Faith

New kid series this Summer!
(kindergarten through 4th grade)
God does incredible things when we put our faith in him!

Every Sunday, 10:10-10:50 a.m. and every Wednesday, 6-6:50 p.m., Adult Ed Room, all kids welcome, age kindergarten to fourth grade. No need to register—just come!

With the “Incredibles 2” movie coming out this summer, let’s use this movie to teach our kids about 10 people in the Bible who showed INCREDIBLE faith. Kids will learn that they can put their faith in God because he is worthy of our trust.
Each week will focus on these Incredible Faith Lessons:
June 6/10: Ark Man
God asked Noah to build an ark because of the flood that was coming. Noah obeyed God because he trusted God’s plan. Kids will learn that having faith means trusting that God has a plan.
June 13/17: Mr. Obedient
God asked Abraham to move to a new place and Abraham obeyed immediately. Kids will learn that having faith means we obey God.
June 20/24: Professor Positive
Joseph chose to have faith that God had a plan and purpose for his life even when things seemed hopeless. Kids will learn that faith means trusting God even when bad things happen.
June 27/July 8: Captain Commandments
Moses had faith that God would take care of his people, even when they were trapped between an army and a large sea. Kids will learn that they can encourage others to trust God when they are afraid.
July 11/15: Princess of Protection
The Israelite spies were in danger of being caught and killed until Rahab stepped in and saved them. Kids will learn that when we have faith, God will use us to help others.
July 18/22: Mr. 300 Man Army
Gideon had a small army, but God had a plan to confuse the enemy and give Gideon the victory. Kids will learn that when we put our faith in God, nothing he asks us to do is impossible.
July 25/29: The Fire Trio
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had faith in God that was so strong that they were willing to die to do what’s right. Kids will learn that having faith means we can trust God even if it means things don’t go the way we want them to right now.
August 1/5: Bravery Girl
When Esther’s people were in trouble, she chose to stand up and be brave. Kids will learn that having faith in God means they can make the choice to do what’s right even when it’s scary.
August 8/12: Builder Man
God called Nehemiah to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem, and Nehemiah obeyed even when faced with great opposition. Kids will learn that we must keep doing God’s work, even when people make fun of us.
August 15/19: The Mightiest Hero of All
Jesus is the greatest example of faith because he trusted God’s plan no matter what. Kids will learn when we put our faith in Jesus and ask him to be our Savior we can have an incredible future because of what Jesus did.