Daily Devotion | August 12, 2021

Untitled Chapters

by Pastor Marty

Some of the beautiful chapters in our life will not have titles until much later in life
Bob Goff

I recently heard this quote. I like it but not sure why….

We write our own stories in this book called life. Some write in a linear way with the facts, just the facts. Others like to tell stories with great detail. Still, others like to meander from place to place, person to person as they seek to put their life into perspective. Interesting, as we begin to tell our story, there is a whole list of people who are included in our manuscript. We cannot tell our story without referencing someone else’s story.

Some questions.

What are the chapters of your life? What titles would you use? How would you organize your manuscript? What would you include and what parts would you edit out? Are there people who are central to your life-story and others you would regulate to the footnotes, at best? Will you speak about the hard things in your life or will those seasons of struggle be in the appendix?

For me, I can tell you some of the best moments, seasons, and years of my life with great appreciation. I can easily supply titles for these chapters with extensive footnotes for added detail. I would like to relegate some of the more difficult stretches of life to the appendix, but I can’t, because of the great lessons that were learned along the way. I have titles for those chapters, as well. The Covid roller coaster of the last eighteen months is a season, a chapter that will receive a title but much later in life…. Still trying to find the language and prose for this stretch of life. It will come, just not now. Someone once said that life can take everything away from you, but it cannot take away your stories. At the end of the day, that is all we have, and everyone has one!

The good news is that our story is part of a grander narrative. Paul says, “that in Christ all things hold together.” All things – the good, bad, and ugly! Our stories, within the grander narrative, are constantly being re-written with a plot filled with grace, language that underscores transformation, and a setting of redemption. Some of the beautiful chapters in our life will not have titles until much later in life. True. If titles to our book of life are hard to come by maybe, just maybe we should skip ahead in the grander narrative to that beautiful chapter that is entitled the new heaven and the new earth.

Sometimes we read our life backwards in order to write and read our life forward. We live and write and read our life knowing that God is the alpha and the omega, the beginning, and the end. All things hold together in Christ. Until we can find the right title, for now, we might simply say as we read the chapters of our life…beautiful!

-- Pastor Marty



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