Feature: Not Just Grandma's Ministry | 2020 Fall Quarterly


How many of us can say our grandmothers sew(ed) quilts or blankets? Likely, many of us, myself included. But how many of us can say we have insulated the roof of our house with a quilt? How many of us can say we have found respite from the cold and rain by wrapping ourselves in a quilt, our only source of coziness and warmth, donated to us by strangers?

Not me. 

Quilts from FLC’s women-led Quilters ministry are donated to Lutheran World Relief, to local charities, and on mission trips.

It’s not just Grandma’s ministry.

So let’s throw back the covers and learn more ways to support our beloved quilters and their dedication to providing the world with coziness and love.

Read on or visit the Quilters page for more info.



  • 1 roll of $100 batting (quilt filling) makes 25+ quilts
  • Donated scraps and leftover fabrics make gorgeous quilts
  • On October 11, worship services will take time to bless outgoing quilts
  • All quilt sales during Christmastime fund FLC’s Quilters ministry for the year


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