EXPAND ME - 2023 Worship Series


In the season of Easter, spread the good word: He is Risen! And what do we do in times of celebration? Invite others in, be more hopeful, broaden vision, inspire others, grow faith. So, God I pray:

God, today as I pray, I ask these things:

Expand my prayer, to have faith of a mustard seed on behalf of those in need.
Expand my expectations to think outside the box with help for those who feel helpless.
Expand my heart to feel empathy towards people I have never even thought to care about.
Expand my reach  to connect with the ones I thought were too far gone.
Expand my vision to see the need in front of me that I am totally blind to.
Expand my generosity to obey your prompting and give without hesitation.
Expand my mercy to love without judgment or explanation.
Expand my influence to inspire others to do the same.
Expand my service to do more with less when needed.
Expand my light to champion and love people of every creed, class, and color.
Expand my mind to seek justice the way you desire it, Father.

All these things I ask, Lord, so that I may EXPAND your kingdom in my community.

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